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All documentation will live in our blog.

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'Summer Exercise'
, by CW&T (Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy), is three pieces that continue their exploration of time and computing:

Thermochromic Clock is a 4-digit 7-segment timepiece.
2 voices counting to a billion is 2 stainless steel devices that let Che-Wei and Taylor simultaneously count to a billion.

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01 stone cold 2005 1Bit 1Hz CPU
is a diagrammatic wall sculpture of a very simple, slow computer. By flicking a regular light switch, a single bit is processed at rate of one cycle per second to turn on and off a light.

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Currently closed.

Directions: Train: F to 2nd Ave/LES and J,M,Z to Essex/Delancey.
Bus M14D to Ave D at 5th st.

Openings bubbled by bombonia.

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Video, performance, software, internet art, interactive objects and environments, media installations and beautiful things in a homie set up.

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'Little Memories' by Andrea Wolf. June 2011.

'In Search of Active Frog...' by Junko Shimizu and Janet Kim was a sales orgy! March 2011.

'Down With One' by dancer Erin Kelly and singer Mama Macabre. October 2010.

The premiere of Fix by filmmaker Benjamin Villeda. May 2010.

Our opening show, '1 = one', by J. Daher, A. Khosbhin, C. Alvarado, C-W. Wang, T. Levy and the collaboration of A. Reeder.
March 2010.

OneByOne featured in Spread ArtCulture.

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